Scrum for Recruiters – How to hire Scrum Masters

Hiring Scrum Masters, how do you understand the good from the bad?

The Hiring of Scrum Masters is fraught with lack of understanding from candidates and clients.
Confusing roles like ‘Agile Project Manager/Scrum Master’ or ‘Development Lead/Scrum Master’ are becoming more prevalent.
Finding the right people for your client is a simple task, and where there is uncertainty around the definition of a job it gets harder.

In collaboration with Strong & Agile, we’re providing a 1 day session that will help you to provide your clients with the best Scrum Masters.

On our course,  you’ll get a deeper understanding of the certification process and the differing certifying organisations. You’ll learn the difference between a good Scrum Master and a re-badged project manager. Experience being part of a Scrum Team in a fun, friendly and energised activity. We’ll help you identify screening techniques to weed out those candidates that might end up not reflecting well on your agency.

Attending this one day interactive session, you’ll emerge armed with a better idea of the signs to look for when hiring Scrum Masters for your clients.

The day will be split into distinct sessions covering some of the topics outlined below, attendees get great value for money and are looked after by 2 practising Certified Scrum Masters. Lunch and refreshments are also provided during the day. The training usually takes place in the heart of Cardiff City center, walking distance from Cardiff Central station, but we can provide on site training where it makes sense.

Topics we’ll cover include

  • Value of the CSM certification. What does it take to get it?
  • Clarification of what the certification bodies are offering (Scrum Alliance vs vs PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner).
  • Screening questions you might want to ask potential candidates.
  • Verbal clues when talking to Scrum Masters.
  • Agile vs Waterfall, understanding the difference.
  • Short scrum simulation.

If you’re interested in joining one of our training sessions, get in touch via the contact form.



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