Scrum Training – Learn about the Scrum Framework

Scrum Training – What is Scrum methodology

The Scrum Framework allows your team to operate in a flexible and holistic manner while working towards a common goal. We all know customers have a tendency to change their minds or make additional requirements during the development process, and Scrum methodology enables your team to understand and successfully manage the unpredictable challenges presented to you.

Benefit from professional Scrum training, taught to you by an experienced practising Scrum master. This course is fundamental for those interested in facilitating a more adaptable and proficient team, with the aim of producing quicker and smarter outcomes for the people that matter… your customers.  

This 2 day course is delivered at a comfortable pace while combining practical and theory exercises to create a fun and information packed schedule. We also dedicate time to tailor practices to the delegates own needs, and the entire course is built on the “bottom up” principles of agile methodologies. Taught by a serving Scrum master who works with Scrum teams on a daily basis, you’ll receive specialist Scrum training from a professional with real world Scrum experience to successfully streamline your development process.

Scrum Training

Course Content:

  • How is Scrum different to traditional project management
  • Product Backlogs, Prioritisation, Planning & Product Owners
  • Scrum Teams, Sprint Backlogs and Scrum Masters
  • Daily Scrums, Definition of Done and Delivering Every Sprint

Who should attend: Individuals involved in building software products, and those interested in learning a more effective and flexible approach towards software development.

Location: Can be situated on site at your premises or a convenient training location can be arranged.

Certification: This course does NOT provide any of the certifications from either Scrum.Org or the Scrum Alliance. We keep our Scrum training costs to a minimum by eradicating the need to pay for accreditation. This means you will receive all the necessary training as presented with a certified course, but at half the cost. If you are interested in certification, we’ll be happy to recommend you to the UK’s best independent trainers who do offer certification.

Outcomes: Delegates will come away with a comprehensive introduction to Scrum methodology and an innovative approach to the software development process. Training is equivalent to many certified Scrum master courses offered by companies accredited with certification bodies. Individuals attending this 2 day course will come away with a solid understanding of the principles, practices and artifacts associated with Scrum methodology – giving your team a firm grasp of how best to tackle the development process to achieve­­­­­­­­ more efficient and effective results for your business and consumers.

If you have any questions or require further information about how our course can help you and your team, feel free to get in touch with us.


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